Thursday, January 13, 2011

Lake George - 9-10/1/2011

A few lucky Speed Demons had a nice session down @ Lake George posting the fastest speeds ever recorded on the lake.  Ricky & Hamma captured some footage of each other as well as Jimbob and Choco sailing well off of the spit in 30cm of water.

Here is the video that Hamma edited...

Monday, November 1, 2010

Lake George Results 2010

Day 1
We were presented with light winds on Sunday, the first day of the event and the format was the average 2s peak of the 2 days.  Only times recorded after the breifing were to count and since there was only one person who got planing(me!) it was decided to make only Sundays peak 2s count.

Day 2
Sunday had a reasonable forecast and we ended getting a full day of wind 13-18 with the occasional 20+ gust.
A few sailors were left short on gear selection while waiting (still) for their 2011 gear to arrive which made the competition all the more interesting!

Final Results (only sailors that posted times)
  1. Sam Doecke 33.6
  2. Carl Macdonald 31.68
  3. Chris Dimond 31.49
  4. Anthony Hamood 31.34
  5. Tim Hemer 30.48
  6. Joe Belluzzo 29.89
  7. Jamie McCourt 29.27
  8. Andreas Nehls 29.13
  9. Geoff Shuttleworth 27.46
GPS Team Challenge Session

Thankyou to Jamie for supplying the BBQ and Firewood and helping out, and also Anthony.

 Event winner Sam(with Boof)

 Some of the SASD crew(plus a few ring-ins)

 Carl on the Barbie

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Onboard Beachport X-perience

The Onboard Beachport X-perience is on this October Long Weekend with something for everyone! There will be Wavesailing & SUP Expression Sessions in the surf and Speed & Racing on Lake George. The event is Sponsored by Onboard and will be run on the 2nd, 3rd & 4th of October 2010 with the 3rd day Freesailing/Paddling.

The format is simple:
Wavesailing expression Saturday and Sunday when and where the conditions suit at Beachport (Possibly Robe) with a riders vote determining the event winners!
SUP Freesurf when the conditions best suit with an expression session to select the top 4 surfers to battle it out in a final. Race on Sunday.
Speed Sailing (and Racing depending on conditions) on Lake George Saturday and Sunday with GPS results determining the speed winner!

Event Schedule: Wave & SUP @ Surf Beach
11:00am Conditions brief, Wavesail & SUP,
1:00pm BBQ Lunch and Drinks thanks to Onboard.
5:00pm Close of day. Dinner at the Beachport Hotel.
9:30am Conditions Brief, Wavesail & SUP.
12:30pm BBQ Lunch and Drinks thanks to Onboard.
5:00pm Close of Competition.
7:00pm Presentation at the Beachport Hotel and Dinner.
Free Sailing / SUP day, More Coopers etc....

Event Schedule: Speed & Racing @ The Lake George Spit
11:00am Conditions brief, Speed & Racing .
1:00pm BBQ Lunch and Drinks thanks to Onboard
5:00pm Close of day. Dinner at the Beachport Hotel.
9:30am Conditions Brief, Speed & Racing
12:30pm BBQ Lunch and Drinks thanks to Onboard.
5:00pm Close of Competition,
7:00pm Presentation at the Spit or Beachport Hotel and Dinner.
Free Sailing

The Onboard Beachport X-perience is free however we encourage sailors to sign up as members of Windurfing SA (or Victoria).

Come down and have an awesome weekend!

For Details on the Wave & SUP contact Pete at Onboard (08) 82943866
For Details on the Speed & Racing contact Tim on 0400 887 054

Monday, August 23, 2010

Lake Bonney - North Lake

Choco posted some footage from a recent session @ Barmera on the GPS forum.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Racing - Sunday 22nd August

Racing is scheduled for North Haven this Sunday with a 9:30 Briefing.

Winds should be N-NW at about 10-20 knots.

Should be a great day with a good turnout.  Come and give it a go, you don't have to be an expert!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Last Session @ the Clayton Channel

I edited this clip about a year ago but didn't get around to posting it. The wind was light and gusty from the north, great for long reaches but you had to gybe before the big lulls. The water was nice and flat and will be greatly missed by the SA Speed Demons.

Joe, Sam, Chris & Carl make an appearance, I took the head cam footage.

Sunday, May 9, 2010