Monday, November 1, 2010

Lake George Results 2010

Day 1
We were presented with light winds on Sunday, the first day of the event and the format was the average 2s peak of the 2 days.  Only times recorded after the breifing were to count and since there was only one person who got planing(me!) it was decided to make only Sundays peak 2s count.

Day 2
Sunday had a reasonable forecast and we ended getting a full day of wind 13-18 with the occasional 20+ gust.
A few sailors were left short on gear selection while waiting (still) for their 2011 gear to arrive which made the competition all the more interesting!

Final Results (only sailors that posted times)
  1. Sam Doecke 33.6
  2. Carl Macdonald 31.68
  3. Chris Dimond 31.49
  4. Anthony Hamood 31.34
  5. Tim Hemer 30.48
  6. Joe Belluzzo 29.89
  7. Jamie McCourt 29.27
  8. Andreas Nehls 29.13
  9. Geoff Shuttleworth 27.46
GPS Team Challenge Session

Thankyou to Jamie for supplying the BBQ and Firewood and helping out, and also Anthony.

 Event winner Sam(with Boof)

 Some of the SASD crew(plus a few ring-ins)

 Carl on the Barbie