Friday, August 21, 2009

Sessions 09 - Grundys 15/8

Higher than average temperatures(27 in winter!) were experienced for the Saturday session at Grundys allowing 2 hardcore Speed Demons to head out in board shorts. They got a little to carried away though forgetting to don a harness resulting in another 1km round trip.

We finally had the 08 team together(less Reiffel) with medallions for our runner-up photo from last year. Chris also took some shots around the camp as we were all packing up and downing a few beers supplied by the Hamma's.

From L to R: Chris Dimond, Carl MacDonald, Sam Doecke & Tim Hemer.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Dog Lake Road

I am always looking for new sailing locations(as are many others) and one that may be the answer to Boggy lake & Boggy2 is access to lake Alexandrina from Dog Lake Road.
There is a bit of a walk(1km) on a sandy beach but the water seems to deepen much quicker than Boggy 2 or Milang. Its proximity to Boggy and the top of the lake may mean that it will get the Seabreeze effect during summer but being in the main lake runs can be 10km if desired. It may also be a good possibility for racing as there is no restriction on setting a course. Downsides could be if the wind drops out it would be a long paddle rather than walk.

I know we are all keen to try out a replacement for our beloved Boggy, lets hope this maintains the quality of flatwater spots we have had in the lower lakes for the past few years.

You can compare the depth levels with Boggy and Dog Lake Road by the colour banding. The yellow is sandbank recently exposed.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sessions 09 - Grundys 6/8

Had a bit of footage of some of the SASD team members, better than nothing I suppose.

And some photos...

From SA Speed Demons

From SA Speed Demons

From SA Speed Demons