Wednesday, December 23, 2009

New Boggy Satelite Images

Found this up-to-date image of boggy on the net. Looks like some exploration is in order!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Is Boggy 2 better than Boggy 1?

I had my first session in months at Boggy 2 yesterday and it was one of the best sessions I can remember. It was only 12-17 but the centre flat section was magic and the runs were at east 4km long. My GPS is cactus so I dont know how well I did but is was just fast and effortless.

That got me thinking, is Boggy 2 better than Boggy 1?

Boggy 1:
+ Short walk to the water.
+ Big carpark, plenty of rigging space for 10+ sailors
+ Great Breeze.
+ Safe on a Northerly if you break something!
+ Did have a weed speed run on a westerly.
+ Can camp there.
+ Now it is great for landsailing.

- Only NM runs on eather N or S directions.
- Choppy.
- Gusty near the far bank.
- Tiger & Brown Snakes
- Carpark can be a mud pit when it rains
- Now it is empty!

Boggy 2:
+ Clean wind and awesome long reaches.
+ Choice of water states and even ramps when it howls.
+ Fewer snake sightings with the cows eating the cover.
+ Lots of nice grass to rig on.
+ Can camp there.

- Bit of a trek to the deep water.
- Carpark can max out with 10 cars or so.
- Off shore (out further) on a Northerly can be dangerous if you break something!
- Has had Carp problems when the water is low.
- Sometimes has a have fishing net.

These are just my initial thoughts, anyone have any other things they like/dislike about either?