Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sessions 09 - Goolwa 15/4

Chris D and a few others had a good session down at Goolwa during the week. Dave M took some footage on which Chris has worked his magic.

"Early start, on water before 7am. 23-28 knots, but not ideal direction - too SW. Need W for SPEED! Two runs had screen peak over 40 knots, so that was nice - 40.2 + 40.1 (bloody doppler brought me down). As forecast, the wind dropped out quickly, and I ended up having a blast on the 101/7.5/38 combo. New 38 Venom was fantastic. Dave Mossop was out on the bank with his camera, so hopefully has some nice shots (no pressure Dave). First run also on the C3 Strike 22. I'm pretty sure I did my peak on this fin. The wind was swinging early, and the speed strip was no longer starboard tack. Also noticed I am a shit speed-sailor on port tack. This fin feels fantastic and I can't wait to get it out again in a solid blow to really test it out."

1 comment:

  1. nice job on the editing!
    i just looked at the post's on seabreeze and i see this vid had more hits than the pit and kiwi video's. must be a lot of interest in where we sail from others interstate. need to get footage on a fast day, show um what it's rarely like.