Sunday, June 21, 2009

NM Heaven

Well the Goolwa - Clayton channel(nicknamed Grundy's after the launch road) is starting to show its potential with all team members who sailed on Saturday getting Nautical Mile PB's. It has also become the premier Australian mile+ venue with Anthony(Hamma) getting the Australian record of 36.79 - he had 3 runs over 36 Knots. Sam also set an Australian 1 Hour record of 27.07 knots.

See the session comments and gear used here:

Well done to all, here are the days PB's (so far...)
Hamma - 36.79 NM (Australian Record!!!)
Chris - 35.99 NM
Choco - 35.61 NM
Sam - 34.43 NM and a 27.07 Hour (Australian Record!!!)
Carl - 33.94 NM
Joe - 31.47 NM and a 22.43 Hour

Add to the PB list Geoff with a 30.37 Peak and 28.48 5x10 Average on wave/freeride gear.

Chris also captured some footage on his new boom mounted camera..

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  1. Awesome record!!! Wish I could try to beat my NM, but near my place the conditions for a good NM are just very rare.